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04 January 2011 @ 01:37 pm
fic: S.P.E.W; (Santana for the protection of elvish welfare.)  - Brittana - (1/2)  
Title:  S.P.E.W ; (Santana for the protection of elvish welfare.)  
Fandom: Glee/Harry Potter: Brittany S. Pierce/Santana Lopez, Quinn Fabray, Tina Cohen-Chang,Rachel Berry.
Disclaimer:  I do not own or mean to offend.
Warnings: mild substance use (implied), PG-15
Word count:  13,591
Summary: Santana has her sights set on a familiar Hufflepuff, but gets much more than she expected.

A/N: Santana, Quinn and the rest of the Glee characters mentioned are all in their 5th year at Hogwarts. Set in 2010, 12 years after the end of the 2nd Wizarding War.

She decides to corner her when she’s at her happiest and most comfortable. Just before curfew in the library, huddled next to the books about Charms and Muggle Studies.

Santana clutches her beaters bat in her hand out of habit. She knows it doesn't faze Quinn in the slightest but it calms her own nerves.

"I thought you Ravenclaws were meant to be all inquisitive and shit." She growls out, already putting herself out there more than she's comfortable with.

Quinn doesn't close the book she's reading. Only places her finger on the line she's up to and turns her eyes to Santana. “It’s intelligence, actually. Why should I help you anyway?"

Santana rolls her eyes and crosses her arms over her chest. Her bat still hangs out of one hand. "Maybe because you're my best friend."

Quinn smiles as if she just wanted Santana to admit it. "Oh, right."

As if Quinn could actually forget that. They’ve been near inseparable, despite being sorted into different houses, since meeting each other in the third year. Although Santana chooses to pass over exactly how they met, she’s always admired Quinn’s ability to put up with her shit and in turn Quinn knows Santana will always have her back. And she’s good in a fight.

Santana scoffs. "Now that we've boosted your self-esteem a little..."

Quinn rolls her eyes and finally shuts her book. There's a second in which they both wonder why she's reading about 'Great Witches on Broadway' but Santana chooses to keep her mouth shut.

"I think you're only asking me to save your own thought process." Quinn hides the book away in her bag and shifts on the seat. The library is almost empty at this time and Quinn isn't a stranger to staying after hours. "Or to stop other people picking up on how hopelessly infatuated with this girl you are. How many times have you seen her? Twice?"

"Careful Fabray, I've got dirt on you." Santana swings her bat in her fingers and Quinn nervously holds her bag.

"Try me Lopez."

It's times like these Santana wonders how they even became friends.

"Third Year, broom closet. I liked your Quidditch robes." Quinn smirks and Santana is forced to remember exactly how many drinks of smuggled fire-whisky it had taken for her to accidentally try to hook up with Quinn. A Quidditch celebration that had gotten out of hand when she’d been dared to seduce the nearest Ravenclaw, quidditch player or not. Quinn had never let her live it down.


"Look, you're making way to big of a deal of this." Quinn sighs. "Just find a common interest."

"That's impossible." Santana groans.

Quinn raises an eyebrow. "Why? You've had chemistry with less - and I've seen this girl. I approve."

"Well I'm so glad you approve, it means so much to me." Santana mocks. "I don't know a thing about her and she's a-"

"A what?"

"A Hufflepuff."

Her expectation of Quinn's reaction doesn't match reality. Quinn merely sighs in her direction and mutters under her breath about house characteristics not defining people.

"You didn't say that when Puckerman slipped something into your pumpkin juice last week." Santana points out remembering the spectacular display of spells Quinn had fired at him when he least expected it.

Puck has less hair than he started school with now. Not just on his head.

"My hair was ginger." Quinn growls out.

"Did it clash with your robes?" Santana sneers. "Back to business, help me bed the Hufflepuff."

"Bed her? Don't you just have to look at girls nowadays before they’re lining outside your four-post?"

Santana frowns. She doesn't get around that much.

Quinn groans at Santana’s non-reply "Have you even talked to her?"

Santana knows that she’s only in this position because she was staring and the girl took it as a sign she was interested in whatever their little demonstration stand was for.

She can’t actually see the writing on the banner above the table but she’s not going to let the stunning figure in front of her know that.

"Elves have rights." Brittany, as named by the yellow embroidery on her grey jumper, pushes one of the small badges into her hand. Santana knows she should be listening or at least reading what the small pin has to say but she's enchanted by the lingering touch Brittany is bestowing on her arm. "Can I count on you?"

She knows she's missed at least half of Brittany's pitch, or whatever, because she’s distracted by the bottle-top headband in her hair and her playful eyes; but there isn't a Slytherin for miles and no one is going to say a word when she still has her beater's bat in one hand.

"Um," Santana stutters out. "Sure thing."

It’s not her smoothest moment.

Brittany beams at her and that sort of makes it worth having to stand for the next ten minutes pretending to be interested in the civil rights of house elves.

"S.P.E.W?" Quinn questions.

"Bless you." Santana replies.

"I don't mean that- You talked to Brittany about S.P.E.W?" Quinn announces like she’s mildly impressed. They walk out of the library and into the corridor, nodding to the librarian as they leave.

"I think. What is it?" Santana shrugs. She didn't really catch much of what was said. Being too enthralled with the girl speaking did that to her. She's put the badge on the inside of her robes though.

Quinn bumps her shoulder in annoyance, but it's practically affectionate. "It stands for 'The Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare'. One of Hogwarts’ longest running societies. It was started by Hermione Granger you know."

Santana kind of wishes she could tune out that part. They've all heard enough about the golden trio to last a lifetime. Sometimes she swears Quinn has a crush on them all. Hermione especially.

"Cut to the chase. Why is this relevant?"

"It's it obvious. This is your common point of interest." Quinn points out.

"You're not serious are you? House-elf rights? I don't even care about the rights of people." Santana retorts. Really, she could care less. "Besides, house-elves hate me."

"That's because you like to scare them."

The paintings on the walls peer at them in mild interest as they ascend the stairs towards the Ravenclaw tower. Santana knows this route well, as she normally walks Quinn to her dormitories after classes. She's an awesome best friend really.

Quinn comes to a stop outside the entrance to her dorm. The painting, a studious looking man sitting at a desk, waits for Quinn to address him. Normally Santana likes to watch Quinn attempt to gain access to her tower by solving riddles, but tonight she just wants a plan.

She really likes this girl. Hufflepuff or not.

"Look S, I know it's hard for you to express yourself unless your beating someone senseless at Quidditch, but you could try it." Quinn looks down on her and Santana knows her expression is softening. "Who knows she might like you for who you are, and that's a stretch, but just make an effort."

Santana feels the little S.P.E.W badge against her chest. It's almost pleading with her.


"Brittany is the president of S.P.E.W. Join the club. Talk to her." Quinn smirks. "Then woo her with your broomstick skills, just remember to thank me when you're done."

"Bitch." Santana laughs. "Fine. You have to come with me though."

The man in the painting nods his head, as if approving of her tactics; Santana feels empowered. Quinn shakes her head.

"Forget that. I'm not going near that club."

Santana sneers. "You don't mind me being mobbed by the marchers but you won't? What about the elves Fabray?"

Quinn glares. "I'll talk to you in the morning." The man in the painting turns his attention back to Quinn, who looks ready to puzzle out her password.

"You're not getting out of this." Santana warns. "Best friends remember."

Quinn waves her hand to shoo her away but Santana knows that when she goes to that meeting Quinn will be following right behind her.


"I can't believe you talked me into this." Quinn hisses like she belongs in Santana's house and not her own. The reaction is expected and Santana keeps a firm hold on Quinn's shoulder as she steers them down the stairs  towards the Hufflepuff common room.

Warmth wafts from the nearby kitchen and there's a temptation to forget this idea altogether and bully the elves into giving her food. However, that would completely contradict all of the reasons they were on their way to the basement common room in the first place.

"Blackmail." Santana whispers to the empty staircase. "I've got way to much information about what you and Finn Hudson did at the Yule Ball last year."

"We didn't do anything!" Quinn balks. Santana knows this but she also knows that Quinn doesn't really want people to know that she was involved with the bumbling Gryffindor keeper at all.

"Details, details Q."

Pulling harshly on Quinn's robes Santana comes to stand before the entrance to the Hufflepuff dorms. A shaky first year student notices their arrival, and the small badge now pinned on the front of Santana's robes, and gives the password for them. Quinn is about to thank him when Santana yanks her through the portrait hole.

"S, manners."

"I have them." Santana rolls her eyes and ignores how several third and forth years watch them march through the main common room in slight awe. Santana knows they’re badass, she doesn’t need other people to confirm that for her.

Suddenly she feels engulfed in warmth. Their yellow and black furnishings are a far sight more inviting than the cool greens and silvers in the Slytherin common room. Quinn probably feels the same.

"Which way?" Santana subtly asks. Quinn doesn't have time to answer when a third year girl, who Santana recognizes as a chaser on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, points them towards a door at the back.

"The meetings about to start." She offers.

Santana has to nod helpfully. "C'mon."

She pulls Quinn unceremoniously until they've made their way into the meeting room. The door scrapes against the stone floor and Santana expects to suddenly have all eyes on her but there's a light chatter that saves the scrutiny.

A fireplace at the back bathes the whole room in an orange glow. Even the green of Santana's uniform is cast warmly. Quinn visibly relaxes under her touch, so much so that Santana removes her hand from her friend's shoulder.

There's about 12 people sat around on badger seats. Santana expected more, especially since Quinn mentioned the whole movement being started by one of the golden trio, but then again it was a society about house-elves.

"Hey everyone." A floaty voice is raised above the dim buzz.

Immediately Santana finds herself drawn to the sudden standing figure.

"Is that her?" Quinn whispers next to her, seeing everyone in the room in a different light. Santana has to swallow her next words before attempting to speak.


Brittany Pierce is the tallest person in the room. Her long blond hair is tied in a messy pony tail that has more stray wisps of hair around her face than in the pony. It would annoy Santana if it didn't frame the girl's face so nicely.

Santana spots the numerous types of S.P.E.W badges patterned over the girl's robes, along with badges for other societies such as the charms club, which Santana knows for a fact Quinn is apart of and why the hell didn't she mention that-, the Gobstones club and a distinctive yellow and black Quidditch pin.

Quidditch, Santana groans, that would have been nice to know. An easier starting point than house-elf welfare.

Quinn shuffles them forward with the intention of finding seats. Santana feels almost lazy in comparison to Brittany's club dedication. Santana had only briefly joined the Duelling club before she realized that she already knew most of the things they were teaching. The only other thing she'd been interested in was the D.A - but that was by invitation only and only when you reached the seventh year.

'Soon' Santana hopes. Slytherin or not.

"S." Quinn nudges her shoulder. The occupants of the room are quieting and people are starting to stare at them as they still stand.

Santana looks for empty seats and finds two. One to the left of Brittany herself, and the other-

"I'm sitting by Pierce." Santana says instantly to Quinn and hurries away before Quinn realizes that Santana has left her to sit next to Rachel Berry.

She hears Quinn's muffled 'shit' before rounding the seat by Brittany. Watching Quinn glare at her as she takes a place next to the overly involved Gryffindor almost takes her mind off the close proximity she finds herself to Brittany.

The noise is silenced to her. Brittany sits on the end of her stool and gazes happily around the table. Santana wonders if there are more people here than usual or if Brittany is just this enthusiastic all the time.

"Alright," Brittany starts. "Hi everyone."

There's a sudden brightness from everyone as they all reply with variations of 'Hi' and 'Hello'. Santana sees genuine excitement in some people's faces, such as Rachel Berry, and she wonders what she's gotten herself into.

"Well, this is the second meeting of the year, and I'm happy to see some new members dropping in on the session-" Brittany glances round the table. Santana finds her elbow touching Brittany's and she doesn't know how to react. "So I think we should get started and then afterwards we can all talk a little about ourselves and get to know people!"

It's a backwards way of doing it. Santana can almost hear Quinn's snark about Brittany being some how related to the Lovegoods or something but she forces herself to appear attentive.

She needs to work this common point of interest, even if it kills her.

"Okay, Rachel?" Brittany rests her head in her hands and smiles over to the brunette girl, who jitters in her place next to an unimpressed Quinn. Santana smirks. "Do you want to start with the new proposals?"

"Certainly Brittany." Rachel stands. Quinn is forced to move her hand out of the way quickly as Rachel's stool almost hits it. "As everyone should know we've been carrying on the several campaigns within Hogwarts for the past few years, focusing mainly on the rights of house-elves in areas such as employment and holidays."

Santana thinks she and Quinn are the only one's who appear surprised as Rachel produces her wand and produces, what muggles would call, a flip chart.

"Our aim is not only to have impact on the house-elves currently stationed within Hogwarts but within Britain itself-" Rachel babbles.

Brittany coughs slightly and disrupts Rachel's flow. A look is shared between them and Santana feels she's not the only one missing something.

"Of course we've yet to receive such support from outside Hogwarts, apart from our revered founder-" Rachel actually places a hand over her heart and casts her eyes towards a small picture of Hermione Granger(-Weasley) hung on the wall underneath the S.P.E.W banner.

Santana resists the urge to throw up in her mouth a little at Rachel's hero worship before entertaining the idea of Rachel finding out about Quinn’s own admiration of the witchful wonder. Oh the torture she would go through.

"-and thus our revised aim is to present suggestions for Professor Vector to take up with the Headmaster and to plan a meeting with the house-elves..."

Santana is ready to scoff at most of the words pouring from Rachel's mouth when heat flashes by her cheek in the form of a whisper.

"Hi there."

Santana is face to face with Brittany's amazing blue eyes. Stunned into silence almost. If Puckerman and the rest of the Slytherin Quidditch team saw her like this, she'd never live it down.

"Hey." Santana murmurs just as quietly. The rest of the members are entranced with Rachel's passionate speech about elf liberation, even Quinn, who Santana glances to as Brittany's lips widen into a pleased smile.

"I didn't think you'd turn up." Brittany starts, looking at the badge on Santana's robes, then to the green crest on her chest. "I actually didn't think you were listening at all."

"I'll be honest," Santana spits out before she can stop her usual sneering ways. "I didn't."

Instead of frowning and turning away Brittany bares her teeth in a grin. "I thought so."

Santana expects her whole act of seduction to crash and burn right there. Only it doesn't. Brittany angles her body towards her, under the guise of watching Rachel, and taps her foot against Santana's shin. She's so at ease in the room, surrounded by people that hang onto every word she says, and she's focusing all of that charisma on Santana now. It's a little daunting.

"It's nice that you came though."

An Asian girl that Santana has seen in one of Quinn's classes raises her eye brow at Brittany when she overhears her words to Santana. Brittany winks at her in response before returning. "It's good of you."

Santana feels her face heat up. She feels strangely judged or patronized or both, by Brittany. It's not a feeling she's comfortable with.

"Hey." Brittany mutters as she sees Santana darken slightly. "You should stick around to the end though, you and your friend over there-"

Santana chances a look at Quinn. Her friend is obviously distressed by something and Santana guesses Rachel is probably ranting about something to do with abusing house elves by asking them to perform tasks outside their duties, like Quinn and Santana have done many a time.

"What's in it for us?" Santana dares. There's an urge in the pit of her stomach that stirs following the suggestiveness of her own voice. Santana wishes she had her beater's bat with her. It grounds her much more than her wand.

Brittany bites her lip and looks innocently up at the ceiling before looking at Santana again. Looking, being a static term. Santana notices the way Brittany's eyes take her in as much as she can. They're wide and bright and gazing.

Blond strands of hair flutter in front of her ears and Santana notes the tiny cork shaped earrings Brittany has dangling from her ears.

'Huh.' She muses. 'Maybe she is related to the Lovegoods.'

"Trust me." Brittany offers in response. Santana thinks her baited words are almost forgotten before Brittany runs a finger over her wrist. Santana can't react unless she wants to attract attention to herself.

All things considered, there's no way Rachel Berry's breathless rambling is going to discourage her from waiting the meeting out.


The meeting lasts longer than Santana would have liked. She tunes out most of it. Berry’s ongoing speeches about liberation and freedom and other powerful words eventually just because a boring drone. A buzz in the back of her mind that she couldn’t wait to turn off.

For Quinn, as Santana’s frequent smirks emphasized, it wasn’t as easy to berid of Rachel’s voice. In turn the Ravenclaw had busied herself with exchanging scathing looks with Santana or acknowledging glances with her fellow housemate, Tina.

It’s only when a light voice to her left concludes does Santana finally realize that Rachel has stopped speaking.

“Thankyou Rachel,” Brittany smiles like she’s aware of how many people were actually listening to Rachel’s proposals. “I think we’ll pick up on your other suggestions at the next meeting-”

Quinn shoots a desperate glance in her direction that Santana interprets with fear as ‘Wait, there’s more?’. Santana is so not coming back to this. Screw common interest, she’s going to exploit the quidditch route for all its worth.

“-and as much as I’d like to continue with the original plan of introductions, it seems we’ve run on just a bit.”

Rachel to her credit, doesn’t even blush.

Brittany stands and motions to the first and second years in the room. “For those of you not in Hufflepuff, I think it’s best for you to follow the staircase up and avoid the corridors by the great hall. Sylvester is patrolling tonight.”

Santana groans mentally. That’s all she needs. Her head of house spotting her coming out of the Hufflepuff dormitory. She’s never going to live this down.

“Those who are in Hufflepuff - goodnight.” There’s a scuffling of stools as the younger students trip and squeeze around those still seated to exit the room.

Awkwardness starts to sit in and Santana realizes that the meetings over. However her quick escape plan is foiled when a hand pushes down on her shoulder. Fire engulfs her collar metaphorically when Brittany smiles down on her.

The last underclassmen leaves, closing the door behind him, and there’s a collective sigh of relief.

“Oh that was painful.” Rachel exhales.

“Excellent acting though Rachel.” Brittany awards. The Gryffindor smiles brightly.

“Wait- what’s going on?” Quinn speaks up, voicing Santana’s confusion. Everyone seems more relaxed. Slumping into their chairs and tidying away the papers and pens they’d all had about previously.

“Now the after-party starts.” Brittany winks and slips her free hand, the one not currently fixed on Santana’s robe covered shoulder, to grasp her wand from her pocket. . Santana guesses, by Brittany’s height, that it measures at least 12 inches, ash wood, and there’s a huge chance that is has something girly like unicorn hair as it’s core.

Brittany takes her wand and flicks her wrist gracefully. The fire at the back dims but the lanterns in the corners of the room ignite. Their blue flames don’t develop into yellow heat. Santana observes the changes in the rooms atmosphere pleasantly. This is more like it.

Noise it kept to a minimum as everyone stands. Quinn is pulled to one side by Tina Cohen Chang. Rachel strolls over to the back wall and begins tapping the bricks, the motion immediately reminds Santana of Diagon Alley.

“I told you to trust me.” Brittany whispers to her, ignoring the eyes watching them with interest. Santana refuses to let herself lose control of the situation.

“That you did.” Santana rolls out. Her own wand is strapped to the inside of her wrist. Hawthorn, 9 inches, dragon heartstring. She doesn’t further confirm to Brittany whether or not she’s taken the girl’s advice though. Withholding that information gives her the advantage in this game.

It’s acknowledged. Brittany’s hand leaves Santana’s shoulder. Leaving a lingering touch down her bicep that Santana doesn’t miss.

Brittany twirls her wand through her thin fingers and they’re eyes stay connected as she backs away to the middle of the room. Santana’s mouth dries and she wishes that they weren’t here. She wishes she knew more about this girl that she’s spoken to a total of four times. She wishes she had the home advantage, on a field or in a class, anywhere but in the warm embrace of the Hufflepuff back room. With it’s roaring fires, yellow glow, and girls with a penance for seducing her in a way Hufflepuff’s shouldn’t.

Rachel strides away from the wall holding a large box, almost too big for her to carry, handing it off to Brittany as soon as she can. Santana spots the bricks behind her folding back into their position. She wonders what other secrets are hidden behind those stones.

It’s when Quinn gasps that Santana wonders what secrets are hidden in the box Brittany holds in her hands. She can only assume Quinn has smelt something or seen something she hasn’t to support her sudden surprise.

That or Tina Cohen-Chang is getting handsy.

The box is large and wooden. Clean and sturdy and most decidedly locked.

“You have to be kidding me." Quinn deadpans as Brittany places the box on the nearest table. Santana can see tin foil peeking from the sides and spurts of steam coming form the cracks.

Brittany taps her fingers on the top of the box. "There's nothing to kid. We do this at the end of every meeting."

Santana raises an eyebrow when Rachel steps around the side of the wooden box and shrugs her shoulders at Quinn. "We're fully aware that this isn't the 'coolest' society in existence, I think even our founder knew that-"

"No shit." Santana jokes. Brittany grins along with her.

"-so we thought that we could use the promotion of elvish welfare to take care of our own welfare." Rachel reasons.

"I still don't understand." Quinn interrupts, eyeing the box suspiciously. "Are we going to get in trouble for this?"

Brittany unclasps a latch at the side but doesn't open the lid. "Only if we get caught. Besides..."

Santana notices the other members moving all of the chairs to the sides of the room. The older students transfigure the remaining tables into inviting looking pillows.

Brittany's hands lift off the lid of the box and reveal it's contents. Quinn gasps at the sight, amusing those that hear it and Santana has to give it to S.P.E.W in general. She's underestimated them.

"...who's going to suspect a Hufflepuff?" Brittany twirls her wand through her fingers in a teasing manner. It shoots something hot between Santana's legs.

Tinfoil is pushed aside and Brittany takes out several vials of purple liquid. Rachel coaxes Quinn into helping set out small glasses, just enough for the amount of people in the meeting, in a single line.

Brittany shakes one of the vials in front of her face and the liquid shimmers in the glass.

"I'm impressed." Santana admits to Brittany, finally recognizing the potion. "I didn't think you were able to get that legally."

"You can't. It's used to be used in Amortentia" Quinn informs, observing the vials. "But it's way too potent to be used in potions anymore so they-"

"They've taken it off the market for sure, but that doesn't mean they aren't supplying it." Brittany takes the stopper out of the first vial and pours it into the tiny shot glass at the start of the line. "And it's more commonly known as Scurvy-grass, on its own." Brittany refers to Quinn.

Santana's interest peaks at Quinn's potion knowledge. Amortentia, love potion. She watches Brittany curiously.

"If it's off the market..." Santana prompts. Brittany takes another vial.

"There's another reason we're so adamant about Elvish freedom." Brittany implies.

A flutter of laughter comes from around the room before they realize. "Oh jeeze." Quinn says skeptically. "Don't tell me they're your suppliers."

Brittany pours several more shots of Scurvy-grass. "Okay, I won't tell you."

Rachel starts handing the shots around the room. Brittany steals away two in her hands and motions for Santana to take one. Quinn shakily gets hers from the remaining table and looks warily into the liquid.

"Wait." Brittany tells her. Santana watches as the rest of the room, even Quinn, takes the shot in one. Quinn scrunches her nose as she does so.

"I tell them all to savour it but they never listen." Brittany mutters. Rachel tugs at Quinn's sleeve and leads her to the pillows. They pile down by Tina Cohen-Chang and other members. Santana stays standing with Brittany. "What does it smell like?"

"What?" Santana questions impatiently. Their closeness is making her anxious to drink.

Brittany lifts Santana's glass further towards her face. "The smell. Scurass, the scurvy-grass, used to be used in Amortentia, and it's what makes the smell, among other things."

A blush forms.

Santana has read up on this particular potion. She's done it for her own defense seen as Puckerman has an affection for slipping things into people's drinks. Quinn especially.

But she's never actually made it herself.

Forgetting that Brittany is watching her intently she smells the potion.

It's not what she expects. Clean sheets. The air on a cold morning. The smell of grass.

"Well?" Brittany prompts.

Santana shortens it to appear like it's not a big deal. "Sheets, grass, coolness." To lessen the importance of the way Brittany is looking at her, eagerly, wanting to know.

Brittany doesn't wait for Santana to ask her and instead downs her shot in one. Slytherin's finest beater is momentarily distracted by the blonde's neck muscles before she realizes she's meant to drink as well.

The Scurass, as Brittany called it, burns on the way down. She can feel it heavy in the back of her throat and she almost wants to wash it down with something.

Seconds pass and nothing happens.

Brittany holds a finger to her own lips and giggles. "Wait for it."

"Wait for what?" Santana tries to snap but her voice is slurring and then the burning taste isn't in her mouth but in her head. "Ohh."

The lanterns are turning green in her eyes. Her vision distorts and everything feels pressed against her eyeballs. She just wants to close her eyes but she doesn’t want to.

No.’ Santana feels the glass fall through her fingers but doesn’t hear it smash against the floor.

The last thing she remembers before the blackout is someone pulling her and landing on something softer than the hard ground.


Waking up is easier thought than done. Santana has a splitting headache and the sounds of people coming to consciousness around her is only making it worse. That, and the fact she can't feel much of her body because it's compacted between said other people trying to come to consciousness.

She's going to flip her shit if one of them is Rachel Berry.

Luckily she isn’t given the chance to assess who’s laying on top of her or removing their arm from over her stomach when a hand stretches in front of her face. Santana is either too slow to grasp at it, and let herself be pulled up, or Quinn just really wants to get out of there.

But there was really no need to slap her in the face so hard. “Fab-fucking-bray!” Santana hisses.

Quinn pulls her up in a hurry. Santana rubs at her face to relieve the stinging, all the while glaring at her Ravenclaw friend, who appears distressed and twitchy.

“What crawled up your ass and died?” Santana murmurs. Everyone else is still passed out on the floor. The time they’ve spent there is unknown to Santana but the fires are out and the air is cooler. She guesses it’s near daybreak.

“Can we just go? Now?” Quinn jerks her head to the door. Santana raises her eyebrow. “Please.”

Quinn’s hands don’t leave her body. One of them is pressed to the side of her neck protectively. Normally Santana would make a scene and cause a commotion but Quinn looks ready to slap her again unless they get out.

“What’s wrong?” Santana asks. Quinn relents and shakes her head. “Quinn-”

“Look, I just don’t want to be around when they all wake up. I don’t need them to-” Quinn glances to the ground. In a pile of pillows Santana finds the unconscious forms of the people they met at the meeting last night. Tina, Rachel-

She turns to look behind her and sees Brittany, spread out on the floor, her arm thrown out in front of her. As if she was holding someone.

Santana can see how she fell last night. “Cool it Q, maybe we should wait a minute for someone to wake up.”

Quinn shoots her a panicked look. “Are you insane? I have no problem leaving quickly and without consequence.” The frustrated Ravenclaw sighs and shakes. “Merlin, I’m turning into you-”

Santana chooses to ignore that remark. “What are you talking about? Consequences?”

It must have been the tone of her voice. They way it sounded off in the air, and especially to Quinn, that makes her friend’s grip loosen around her own neck. Her head tilts questioningly.

“S, do you remember what happened?” Quinn says quietly.

The lack of light in the room is making Santana uneasy. Her palms sweat around her wand as she draws it out. “Lumos.”

Quinn’s face is pale and worried. “San, I’m serious,  do you remember what happened?”

“Q, do you really want to know? You don’t look like you could take anything I say-” Santana shrugs off.

“I’m being serious, what do you remember?” Quinn reaches out and pulls Santana’s wrist, guiding them to the exit. “How did you end up next to Brittany by the fire?”

Santana looks back towards Brittany’s sleeping body. Confusion sets in. The fire, at the back of the room, is furthest away from the mass of other bodies in the left hand corner. Santana remembers falling onto something soft, like a pillow, not onto the cold stone of the fire’s hearth.


“Nothing.” She states.

It’s all black and silent. “I don’t remember anything.”

Quinn turns the lock on the door and  pulls Santana through it. They don’t look back as they run through the Hufflepuff common room. Santana doesn’t pay attention to the route Quinn leads them, or the fact that she doesn’t walk Quinn back to her own house tower. She’s consumed with the blank state of last night and the worry of what Quinn meant by consequences.


Santana doesn’t see Quinn until late breakfast the next morning. The girl looks haggard and tired, like she’s spent the better part of their time away from each other tossing in her sleep and snapping at people. She’s been on the end of a Quinn-snap, they’re not fun.

Santana ignores the calls from her fellow Slytherins as she walks in the great hall and heads towards the Ravenclaw table. She stops her head from looking too far over towards the sea of Hufflepuffs. Not now. Her best friend is in need.

Her appearance across the table from Quinn isn’t frowned upon by the few other Ravenclaws sitting at the table. It’s late in the morning and apart from a Potions study session she has later, neither Quinn or Santana has anything for the rest of the day. So really she should be catching up on her sleep.

Except Santana can’t. And from the look Quinn is giving her as she steals a piece of her toast, neither can she.

“Morning.” Santana says sounding much brighter than she feels. It’s hard to force it when she’s been draining herself by not sleeping in order to remember what happened the other night.

She’s been trying anything to stimulate the memories just so she knows where she now stands with Brittany. Or if she even has anything to go on.

Quinn grunts in response and gazes down at her toast. Santana looks around in wonder and spots Tina Cohen-Chang hiding down the far end of the table. A few seconds pass and Tina glances in Quinn’s direction.

Quinn, however, is oblivious to this.

“Good morning Santana.” Santana spells out. This brings Quinn’s eyes to hers. “What? You seemed incapable of speech. I thought I’d help out.”

“I’m really not in the mood to deal with this right now S.” Quinn warns. Empty threats.

“Deal with what? You’re best friend saying hi?” Santana snorts. “Yeah, like I’m thrilled to be sitting with you as well.”

It’s a lie really but the more Quinn ignores her to mope, the more Santana wishes she had followed Hummel and Puckerman back to the Slytherin table. At least they would have talked to her, even out of fear. She can’t get that out of Quinn anymore.

Quinn glares and pushes her food away. “Can you stop making this all about you for like a second?”

“What am I making about me?” Santana hisses. She lowers her voice because a nosy first year flickers her interested gaze in their direction. “I came to talk to you, not watch you stare longingly at your toast.”

Quinn’s fist clenches on the table. “You could’ve sat somewhere else.”

Santana’s eyes trail from the fist Quinn presents to her friend’s face. The skin around her eyes is puffy and dark. She can’t tell if Quinn’s been crying or clawing at her face in frustration.

The thing they’ve both been trying to avoid talking about comes up between them. Santana sighs.

“Look, I know you weren’t thrilled about what happened with S.P.E.W and everything, but whatever happened it can’t be that bad.” Santana’s voice is low and persuasive. “And if it is, just tell me.”

Quinn blinks and shakes for a second.

“Heck, Q.” Santana sits forward in her seat. “Point me in the right direction, who’ve I got to hit.”

Quinn’s foot scrapes against the floor and Santana knows she’s aware that the offer is serious. Santana has been itching to make use of her beater’s bat before Slytherin’s game on Friday. She’s just been looking for a victim.

“Just leave it.” Quinn states. Santana hates how closed Quinn is to her. That’s her thing, being an emotional cripple, not Quinn’s.

"What is your problem?" Santana pushes a glass of pumpkin juice over to Quinn, hoping the drink will put colour back in the girl’s face. "It can't be worse than not remembering what the fuck happened last night."

The reminder of Santana’s predicament forfeits a second of sympathy from the Ravenclaw. Enough to hit Santana with a twinge in her chest. A brief flight of panic when Santana realizes herself that she’s yet to discover exactly what happened after the meeting.

Quinn glares darkly at her and hesitates, but before Santana can protest Quinn hooks her fingers around her collar and pulls down.  Underneath Santana can see a visible bite mark on Quinn's neck.

"Oh wow Fabray." Santana snipes playfully.

“I think you’re lucky you don’t remember if your night was half as confusingly bad as mine.” Quinn seethes and quickly wraps her blue scarf around her neck. "At least you didn’t spend all this morning running around trying to avoid Rachel Berry and Tina Cohen-Chang."

"What didja do? Fuck 'em both?"

Quinn's silence makes Santana choke on her food.

"Don't be stupid." Quinn slaps Santana's shoulder and Santana swallows. "I don't know what that potion was meant to accomplish but there's no way that I was in my right mind when ...they kissed me."

“They kissed you? Both of them?” Santana groans in disappointment. "How the hell did you get more action than me last night?" Quinn shrugs and anxiously looks around. Santana would be mildly impressed if one of the girl’s wasn’t Rachel Berry.

Quinn grimaces, jumping when Santana accidentally kicks her shin. "At least you don't have to deal with the consequences right away."

Santana suddenly doesn't feel very hungry. "Yeah, well at least you know where you stand in your lesbian love triangle."

"I'm not gay."

"Bisexual love triangle, whatever." Santana pushes away from the table and grabs her bag. "Whereas I'm stuck in freaking limbo because I don't know if Brittany knows what the hell happened and if I made an idiot of myself."

"What more than you already do?" Quinn offers.

It’s an irritating climax to their conversation. Santana doesn’t even feel offended but the blase nature of Quinn over the whole situation finally gets to her.

She swings her bag roughly over her shoulder. "Fuck you."

"Oh S, come on!"

Santana ignores her and makes her way to Transfiguration. The weight of the unknown is heavier on her back than it was before.


part 2

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Bad day? There's a Taylor Swift song for that.letscall_l on January 4th, 2011 02:41 pm (UTC)
I CAN'T BELIEVE I WROTE IT EITHER (In fact I actually started out writing this as an email to myself and then it exploded)

HP/Glee forever! Enjoy :)
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Really cool.
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Wow! You are official my favorite Glee writer hands down. You've written epic Santana/Quinn and now you're writing a Glee/HP.

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Thankyou very much haha!